As stated in the about us section, the directors and staff have over 20 years experience in the furniture industry. With this experience it provides us with the wide array of customer knowledge and frequently asked questions, before ringing us check through this list as you may find the answers here.

Pre-order Questions

I’ve never ordered online before is it safe?

Not to worry, we are just like the stores, phone us up and we can talk or assist you through the process, we are a friendly company who holds your interests higher than our own.  We offer a secure payment gateway that holds your funds until you are happy with your purchase.

Does the sofa come with any warranty?

All our products come with a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and 5 year peace of mind cover is available at a small cost and will cover you for every eventuality.

Is it worth buying the 5 year warranty?

Definitely! Imagine having a few friends over and there being an accident with the red wine, or if you have children or pets that cause accidental damage all you need to do is a quick call to report it and you’re fully covered.  Anything could happen so it’s always best to have that extra bit of security.  Please see the link for further details.


Would I benefit from the care kit?

Yes! Our care kit, if used properly will help to maintain the quality of the sofa and ensure it is looking as good as new for as many years as you require.

What is jumbo cord?

Jumbo cord is a soft thick and cosy material made from thick lines of plush fabric.  All our jumbo cord cushion covers can be removed and washed.

What is the difference between right hand facing and left hand facing?


We always describe our sofas as we are facing them. Corner sofas will have a chaise or the corner on one side, see the diagram below.

What is the difference between the right and left hand facing and the 1 corner 2 and 2 corner 1 sofas?

Absolutely nothing other than the terminology used. A “1 Corner 2” is equivalent to a Left Facing sofa and a “2 Corner 1” is equivalent to a Right Hand Facing Sofa.

How do I know I am ordering the correct corner orientation with the options of 1 corner 2, 2 corner 1, 2 corner 2 etc..?

We always judge the sofa starting from the left hand side working to the right. A 1 corner 2 layout basically means 1 seat to the left, then the corner and 2 seats to the right (As you are facing the sofa). A 2 corner 2 layout would mean 2 seats to the left, then the corner and then 2 seats to the right.

This is the first time buying a sofa, how do I know I’m picking the right one?

We have such a wide range of styles, colours and dimension’s meaning our advisors are available via telephone, email or the live chat feature to assist you.  We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible and our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure we give you all the information you need to assist with you choosing the perfect sofa for you.

Do your prices include VAT?

On our category pages all our sofas include VAT, on the checkout page the final price will be exactly the same but will show you the breakdown of the VAT included within your purchase.

Will your sofas fit through my doorway?

The majority of our sofas are made to fit through standard size doorways.  We make it easier by working closely with our manufacturers to ensure the sofas are designed in a way that enables them to be folded or broken down, whether that be removable backs or a corner broken down into pieces. If have any queries regarding dimensions or if you have a smaller than average doorway, please contact us to discuss your requirements however please note, we can only advise what we feel is suitable, if we deliver to you and the sofa doesn’t fit, we cannot take responsibility for this.

What does the 5 year warranty include?

•    New for old replacement if a repair is not available.
•    National network of professional technicians.
•    Accidental Staining.
•    Accidental Damage
•    Structural Damage.
•    Accidental Pet Damage

Do you send samples out of sofas?

Dependent upon availability we are more than happy to send them out samples to assist with your decision.  Please email us the sofa and colour that you’re interested in along with your full address and contact number to support@sofasavings.co.uk to enable us to organise this for you as quickly as possible.

What if the sofa I want to order is not in stock?

Please take advantage of our live chat feature and email/phone support to discuss the availability of the sofa you are interested in before making your purchase.  We will advise if the item is in or out of stock and if it is out of stock we can advise on a due date so can decide if you are happy to go ahead.  We want to ensure everything is perfectly clear before you decide to make the payment!

Payment Enquiries

How do I pay?

There are several payment methods available for you to make a purchase, either online through our secure payment processor using a credit or debit card or give us a call and our friendly sales team can take your order over the phone.

When is payment taken?

Payment is taken immediately, unfortunately we cannot reserve sofas or hold our discounted sale prices unless a payment is made, this will help ensure the delivery is at the nearest opportunity.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

In most cases we do offer cash on delivery, but please contact us first either by phone or email and we will confirm this for you. Please note we will still require a deposit over the phone to be taken for your order to be processed.

Can I pay with a credit card?

You can pay by credit card but please bear in mind there is a 2.9% charge on this service.

Can I pay with American express or with a Cheque?

We do not accept American express or cheque as a method of payment.

Can I pay in instalments?

We do not currently have a finance processor but we will be acquiring one shortly. Please contact us for more information.

Can I leave a deposit?

You are welcome to pay a 50% deposit on some items but please note a delivery will not be considered until we receive full payment.


Logistics Enquiries

Can I choose a delivery date?

It may be possible to choose a delivery date between Monday and Friday if you choose our pallet delivery service.  If you require our 2 man service, we will contact you to negotiate delivery dates and we will always work within your favour to make sure you are comfortable with whichever date we provide you with.

How will I know the delivery day?

To make the delivery hassle free, we will contact you prior to delivery to inform you of the day and also on the day we will provide an hours notice. If you wish to know whether it will be an AM or PM delivery slot please contact us on the business day prior to the delivery and our logistics team will advise.

What if I don’t like the sofa on delivery?

Not to worry, our 2 man delivery team will simply take it away on the day and the Sales Team will be available to discuss alternative options with you to hopefully find something that may better suit your requirements. Please note that with our pallet delivery method you can also reject the delivery but please contact us in regards to this decision as there may be additional charges. Please refer to terms and conditions for additional information.

What if the sofa is damaged on delivery?

Although this is extremely rare it can unfortunately happen on occasion. If you are to notice any damage upon delivery please give us an immediate call and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

How long delivery does delivery take?

We dispatch our goods within 3 working days if the item is in stock, however your location may affect the arrival date which will be discussed with the logistics team via telephone.  We aim to deliver everything at the nearest opportunity at a date suitable for both our schedule and for you.  If for any reason you are having decorating to be done or you have dates you are moving into a property then please discuss this with us prior to making your purchase and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

What if I am not in to take delivery?

We organise our deliveries so you are always aware of the delivery date prior to delivery. We will never attempt delivery without confirming with you first. If you are not there after we have organised this with you, additional charges will apply.

What if the sofa doesn’t fit through my doorway?

Occasionally, despite all the measuring and the designs to make the handling easier, there may be an awkward angle that may prevent the sofa going through your door. Don’t worry, we understand this may happen, we cannot take responsibility for this (please refer to terms and conditions for additional information) but we will use our experience and quick logistic services to ensure you have another model of your choice in your home within days.  If you decide that there is nothing else you like within our selection, we can action a refund and cancel your order if you require.

What is the difference between pallet and 2 man delivery?

Our pallet delivery service is a delivery made as close as possible to the nearest access point of the property, however please be aware this may, on occasion result in a curb side drop. This service is a 1 man delivery where the goods are securely wrapped on a wooden pallet, the driver is not insured to lift or help you carry the goods into your home, so please ensure there are 2 adults to handle the sofas.

The 2 man delivery service includes 2 of our own delivery drivers who will give you one hours notice prior to the delivery and will deliver the sofas into your room of choice. They will carry your sofas through, unpack them and assemble them so they are ready to use.  Once you are 100% happy with your purchase you can sign for the goods to confirm you have received them in perfect condition.  Please note, the drivers must leave all packaging at the address incase you choose to return the goods.

Under no circumstances will our drivers remove the packaging as it is a legal requirement for the goods to be returned if you were to change your mind. We cannot accept the goods to be returned without them and this will prevent any difficult situations at a later date if they were to arise.

Why is the pallet delivery free and not the 2 man?

The pallet service is a quick, easy and more cost effective way to deliver your sofa.  The 2 man delivery service is chargeable due to the fact there are greater vehicle costs, handling and our own staff involved with this more personal delivery service to ensure that it is completely hassle free.

Will you deliver up stairs?

No our pallet delivery service does not handle the goods in any way.

Yes our 2 man delivery service will carry goods up stairs and assemble them in your home. The charge is £10 for one flight of stairs; £20 for 2-3 flights and please contact us if you are on the 4th floor or higher prior to your purchase so we can advise if this is possible and the charges involved.  This will depend on the weight of the sofas you have chosen.  We will not accept cash on the day to the drivers.

What happens if I forget to tell you there is stairs and no lift?

No problem, If you forget to inform us at the point of sale that there is stairs and no lift, please liaise with the drivers and call the office to discuss the method of payment for the additional delivery charge. This payment can be taken over the phone using a credit or debit card.

Will you take my old sofas away?

Please contact us to discuss this further.

Aftercare Enquiries

Can I purchase the warranty after I have received my sofa?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the 5 year warranty after you have received the goods. You only have up until the day before delivery to purchase the warranty, so don’t miss out!

I am still in my 1 years manufacturers warranty and have an issue with my sofa?

That’s no problem at all, our customer service team will help you as quickly as possible, just send them an email at support@sofasavings.co.uk and they will help as quickly and as smoothly as possible.